Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Calibration

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Calibration

  • $1,599.95

Big Benefits, No Compromises

An Alpha calibration file will provide an additional 59 horsepower (29 w/dev pkg) to your stock C63 AMG. No bolt-on parts or permanent alterations to your vehicle are required ‰ÛÒ just a non-invasive upgrade to the PCM (power control module) that is 100% reversible.

By looking at the graph below, notice that power is dramatically improved throughout the engine‰۪s entire rpm range. Your C63 will retain smooth, stock-like drivability while providing an astounding increase in acceleration no matter what speed you are at when you decide to punch the throttle. What‰۪s even better is you‰۪ll be able to enjoy all this with no detrimental effect to fuel economy at partial throttle or cruising speed.

Our race winning experience creates higher standards

At Alpha tuning we write our own files and use our years of race winning experience to bring something new to the market. Such knowledge allows us to optimize every aspect of the way that your car drives. We calibrate your ECU with a level of expertise that most others simply do not possess. Making finely tuned adjustments to cam timing, fueling, ignition timing, load control, throttle mapping and boost with a real focus on the overall effect to the driving experience, instead of just loading in a canned tune that is commercially available. What‰۪s more is that we are able to provide you the highest level of performance with no sacrifice to reliability.

Exclusive Benefits
  • +59 HP (+29 W/DEVPKG)
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Smooth Power Delivery
  • Stock-Like Driveability
  • Speed Limiter Removed
  • OBD II Emissions Compliant
  • Safe, Proven & Tested Results
Not your typical generic tuning solution

Most tunes available are generic, rebranded, ‰ÛÏsolutions‰۝ that come from one of a few sources. Typically these tunes are developed more by software engineers than seasoned race engine specialists. As an enthusiast why would you settle for the same run of the mill results?