BMW M5 (F90) High Performance Carbon Kevlar Street/Auto-X Brake Pads, *FOR Iron Brakes ONLY*, Front

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  • Very rotor friendly pad.
  • Has the absolute lowest noise and dust levels possible, far below O.E.M. equipment or any other high performance brake material.
  • Superb stopping power under heavy use.
  • Great for occasional autocrossing, solo events, off road events and rallies.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in

2 reviews for BMW M5 (F90) High Performance Carbon Kevlar Street/Auto-X Brake Pads, *FOR Iron Brakes ONLY*, Front

  1. josec70

    At the suggestion of another forum member I recently ordered and installed ACG Carbon Kevlar High Performance Brake Pads for both the front and rear of my F90 M5C and I could not be happier.

    While It’s only been 100 miles I can report that dust is minimal and a huge improvement over the OEM pads; zero noise or squeal either. With the OEM pads my wheels were dirty after any short trip so vastly improved in this regard.

    The brakes with the new pads are very responsive and bite feels OEM with zero brake fade; did several 60-0 / 100-0 stops.

    Many thanks to Girard at ACG.

  2. bmw-01

    So after reading some of the posts on here i decided to change the brake pads on the car. I was really tired of pulling up to stop signs sounding
    like a school bus and couldn’t handle driving this car for two plus more years with the noise.

    I changed the pads to the carbon ones offered at ACG Automotive.
    (858) 633-1017 – Gerrard, he was great!

    I just drove 350 miles with the new pads and this is what i learned.

    1) No noise whatsoever.
    2) completely clean wheels, no brake dust and funny enough
    the rust i was seeing on my wheels is no longer there.
    3) The car does not have the same BWM stopping power that it had when i picked up the car but the difference is minimal as i mostly drive in the city. For me, it was really worth the change as i will never take
    the car to the track.

    I have been driving BMW’s for 30 years and have never had this issue. My last car was an F10 and there was no noise at all.

    Come on BMW! $120K car and it sounds like a junker out of the gate?

    I guess spending $700 for the pads + $375 installation is not something i should worry about but you would think as we have all spent a lot of money on this car we wouldn’t have to make such a change.

    Now i’m a happy M Driver once again. Finally!

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